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Weird scenes inside the glucose mine

Well, that was defniitely unexpected. I succumbed to temptation and had Chinese for lunch yesterday - the Peking Chicken special with lo mein instead of the usual fried rice and just an egg roll instead of the usual egg roll & skewered chicken. Usually this would jack up my dinnertime blood sugar into the red zone...but yesterday it was still right smack in the middle of the green at 108. The reading was also normal this morning, which is also unusual. I'm beginning to wonder if I've actually lost enough weight to make that much of a difference. phoenixalpha speculates that since weight is lost first from around the internal organs (news to me) that the pancreas may be working better without all that fat crowding it. I suppose it's possible. I really don't think I've been exercising enough to kick my metabolism into high gear, and I'm fairly certain that I'm onsuming enough starches so that ketosis isn't happening. (Been there, done that, remember the awful thirst quite well, thanks.)

In other news, the IRS agreed to my suggested repayment plan for the ~$1200 I owe them, and I sent them their first check today. Yippee.
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