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Mail call

Well, the clothes I ordered from Draft Horse arrived yesterday, and lo, it was like unto Christmas in the Wombat's humble burrow for the copy of Imperium I bought off eBay also arrived. It makes me understand for the first time how people get hooked on eBay. Not only is there all kinds of stuff you always wanted at what seem to be reasonable prices, and the thrill of the auction process itself, but there's also the satisfaction of having something come in the mail that you're looking forward to, unlike the usual collection of bills and advertisements. It reminds me of the joy of mail call back in the day, it does. It's kind of sad that e-mail has largely done away with personal letters sent by snail-mail, because (perhaps fortunately) nobody has managed to attach scents to e-mail. Not that I have girlfriends sending me scented love notes in any case, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, back to the clothes. I'm wearing the shirt now, and am very happy with it in spite of the fact that Dickies' idea of a 5XL is a tad more expansive than mine. Still, Larger is Better as far as I'm concerned, and the shade of black matches my Levis nicely. The cell phone pants also look good and I'll be dropping those off to have them hemmed up while I'm on break or maybe over lunch. We'll see how the timing works out.

As for the copy of Imperium, well, it's obviously well-used. The previous owner evidently played it a lot, since the mounted map is a little bit worn at one of the seams and the counters are marked on their backs, but still, it's good to have a duplicate copy of the game.

No progress on Bookshelf #2 last night since most of the evening was spent driving out to Inver Grove Heights and back to feed phoenixalpha's cats and the remainder was spent self-medicating with Kemps' Caribou Coffee ice cream (only half a pint) and Schlock Mercenary. Damn, that's good ice cream.
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