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One more day of this...

...before a weekend full of meetings. *sigh* Anime Detour meeting on Saturday, possibly followed by helping Josh move, and then a Diversicon meeting on Sunday - which pretty much shoots in the butt my plans to hit the Record Show and see if I can find any traditional jazz, big band, and/or klezmer CDs for cheap so that I might flog them on eBay and improve my cash flow.

Tonight will be devoted to preventive maintenance on my eyelids and an extended bout of repairing my sleep deficit, which was not helped by a dental appointment yesterday at 0700. Since I woke up late and didn't shower first - just threw on jeans and a T-shirt and ran for it - I had to come back to the apartment, shower and change clothes before heading off to the Sprawl and parking the Sportage so that I could catch the shuttle to the LRT line and get to work. All this took entirely too much time, and means that I have to come in early today and tomorrow to make up the time. (Why this is, I don't know - it's not like the Evil Banking Neighbor gives me comp time when I have to work late or on weekends, you know.) Coming in early today didn't work out too well - I was unable to get up before 0600 and so missed all three of the express buses I wanted to catch. This meant that the $11 I saved by parking at the MoA yesterday was pissed away today instead. At least I'm making up the other half-hour now by staying late...and being about as productive as I would have been if I'd dragged in here at 0730.

After work I caught the bus to Dulono's and tinkered with the "America Divided: 1935" scenario for The Operational Art of War. There just isn't too much in the database in the way of tanks, planes, armored cars and tank destroyers before WW2 starts, even for the belligerents who started early like Italy and Japan. I'm leaving Soviet equipment out of the scenario for a number of reasons, mainly because I think without American intervention the Allies would have lost to Germany, which then would have crushed Lenin and his Bolsheviks before carving up the country for their own benefit, to say nothing of the Balts, Ukrainians, Poles, etc. Anyway, I'm also restructuring the armies so that the CSA has more cavalry and horse transport while the USA has more trucks, armored cars, and tanks. That killed time until the Arcana meeting, which as usual was more socializing than business, but lasted until after 9 PM, at which point I caught the #21 bus down to the Hiawatha Avenue LRT station.

The train was packed with Twins fans heading home, which is a good sign as far as the numbers the line needs to make its projections; it had also been fairly full (most seats occupied and a few standees) on the ride in from Fort Snelling. However, between the LRT and the bus and the long drive home to the apartment, I didn't get in until nearly 11 PM, which after all the late nights this week and this weekend just killed me and made me too groggy to get moing this morning with any kind of alacrity.
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