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Where'd my Monday go?

I was going to do something keying off badger2305's link to a Barbara Ehrenreich interview, but this post of his is probably more interesting, especially to those of us working on Anime Detour. I'm not sure I care so much about people liveblogging the convention (although the person who mentioned people being sanfransocial is right, that's kind of rude and creepy all rolled into one annoying package) but audio/video recording is another matter, especially when it comes to some of our guests. Like most of them. There's also our members' expectation of privacy; it's one thing to have your friends shoot cliptage of you and post it online after you've had a chance to look at it with them, but to have complete strangers plastering your face all over the Net without your consent is not cool and possibly not legal either.

Anyway...I spent most of today actually working, I think, and when I wasn't doing uploads or AU closures or research I was going through my 2004 LJ and tagging every post in sight. I'm going to have to go through those and sort them out later, distinguishing the anime reviews from the book reviews from the restaurant reviews and maybe doing some linkagery back to my Geocities website.

Yesterday, on the other hand...after fighting with the nasty effects of (I think) the sugar-free syrup and coffee on Saturday, I was pretty much drained of energy on Sunday. I sat around for most of the afternoon bashing away at the Operation Olympic scenario from The Operational Art of War and ignoring phoenixalpha's repeated noodging about exercise. Went to bed around midnight after showering and woke up at 0730...packed a sandwich and some fruit and drove in to work.

Tonight, I have to do laundry, because I'm out of serviceable shirts. Maybe I'll attack the remaining bookshelf, if time and energy remain after that.
Tags: the bush of fandom, wargames, work
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