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Stability operations

Slept in until after noon despite my original intention to get up at 0900...the problem, as usual, is that there wasn't anything that deperately needed doing at that hour on a Sunday. OTOH, my stomach was still being a little contentious, so I elected to remain laying down and pacify it with more sleep. So far that seems to have worked.

phoenixalpha is noodging me about getting out and exercising, which I'll think about. Right now, though, I think a sandwich and a glass of milk are a better idea, since a banana and an english muffin aren't really enough to get going on. Then I think I'll attack the second bookshelf, shower, and decide what to do next.


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Jun. 12th, 2006 06:51 am (UTC)
Drag me with you if you go out exercising. I need to also and Melody seems to have pulled out of our agreement to exercise together (which is reasonable given extenuating circumstances).
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