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Ascending from the depths

My Barons are still in ninth place this morning, but they have a good shot at climbing higher in the standings this weekend - we picked up a point last night thanks to Mike O'Connor's win against the Phillies and Lance Berkman feasting on the Braves' pitching.

I'll put it in later tonight, okay?

Depending on how my sluggers and my pitchers do I could actually pick up quite a few points - maybe not quite enough to make up the nine and a half point gap between me and the 8th place team, but I could pick up seven points if things go even halfway right. As you can see from the chart, I'm only three runs behind the Braves, two dingers behind the Jays, two ribbies behind the Cubs, a win behind the Jackals, and a few points behind the KingCrabs in ERA and WHIP. So thanks to the dynamic scoring used in Rotisserie leagues, all I have to do is that much better than those other teams in the counting categories in order to slip past them and pick up the points. You'll notice I left steals off that list, even though I'm only four steals behind the KingCrabs? That's because I don't have a lot of speed on the team, since most of my team is made up of power hitters like David Ortiz, Lance Berkman, Joe Mauer and Kevin Youkilis. It's possible that Cuddyer, Guillen, and Patterson could go nuts on the basepaths this weekend, but I rather doubt it's going to happen. We'll see how it goes.

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