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Adrift somewhere between Portugal and Okinawa

Bookshelves completed: 0 (but at least I have the tools now)
Work done on novel: 846 words (n.g.)
Time wasted on Luxor: 1 hour
WW points spent on dinner: 43 (estimated, n.g.)
Currently reading: Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Havoc

I probably wouldn't be half so cranky this morning had I not stayed up far too late watching the last disc of Azumanga Daioh; as it was, I was up until 0030 watching all but the last episode. It's like crack, I tell you. Anyhow, I wound up sleeping in until 0730 and being half an hour late to work, which I'll make up tomorrow by taking a short lunch.

It gives me a weird feeling watching characters taking vacations on Okinawa. Most of my knowledge of the place comes from the apocalyptic battle there in 1945 and its use as a forward base for American forces involved in the Vietnam War, so it seems a little strange to see high-school students visiting monuments and doing tourist stuff on an island that my memory tells me is one big World War One reenactment.

Wound up going to Q. Cumber's last night, reading Sharpe, eating salad, and if I'd stopped with just the salad and the rolls it would have been okay, but I also went for the pasta and meatballs. Ah, well. Pointwise it was pretty bad, but from a carbs and fats angle, not so much. Got the tools at WalMart since Menard's was closed by the time I finished dinner, and also picked up DVDs of The Last Boy Scout, Last Man Standing and Mortal Kombat. I'm going to regret that last one, I just know it, but then it was only $4.88.
Tags: anime, domestic stuff, history
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