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Another county heard from

In addition to contributing some very fine novels to the Bolo shared universe, William H. Keith has now added a new Retief novel to the list of tales set in the future created by Keith Laumer. Retief's Peace, like Keith's Bolo novels, fits in seamlessly with the rest of the Retief stories, which for the most part are an entertaining mix of spy novel and broad comedy, usually at the expense of Retief's superiors in the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne and the five-eyed alien Groaci, the latter often serving as Retief's friendly enemies in the capers that make up the series.

In this particular tale, Retief stages his expulsion from the CDT to find out what's behind the importation of student anti-war protesters to B'rukley, the nearest Concordiat world to Odiousita V, and the plot rapidly thickens. Robot gangsters, the Groaci, and the bloodthirsty Krll are all up to their eyebrows in the mess, to say nothing of GNN. Our hero has to make a hazardous trip to Odiousita V to get to the bottom of things, help out the native Bloggies, and hopefully forestall an invasion of B'rukley itself by the Krll. It's a tough job, but Retief's toughness is legendary - and so is his quick wit, which Keith puts on display just as Laumer would have back in the day.

Good brain candy; recommended for a light read.
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