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Summer reruns

Today's the formal start of yet another Weight Watchers At Work cycle, though in fact I've already been attending meetings for a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, I've already lost three pounds; the surprise is because I'm doing a really crappy job of keeping a food journal. On the other hand, I'm so overweight (420 pounds, as of today's weigh-in) that it takes a lot of calories to maintain that weight, so any reduction in the intake has a positive effect.

I note that a year ago I was 0.2 heavier and had lost eleven pounds over the next month, most of it over Convergence weekend. (Big surprise there.) This year I need to avoid the stress and stupidity of last August, which wiped out almost all my losses and put me back where I started, and I think that's doable. We'll see. More vegetables, more fruit, less starch and fat. I know how to do this; it's just a matter of taking it a day at a time and getting it done.