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Convergence panels

I see that I'm on most of the Convergence panels I asked for. Got bumped from some of the anime and manga panels, which is OK because revolutionaryjo and willow_one and belindabird have probably between them forgotten ten times what I've learned so people will get a better panel experience.

Friday, 1830: Games to kill a day, with thaadd; we'll talk about Crayons Across America, the various Catan games, and whatever else comes to mind in that vein. I may steal shamelessly from Eric Raymond's post on the subject, since he's smarter than I am. #^_^#
Saturday, 1100: Is the Network Dead? "How are the variety of new technologies changing television -- both on the business side and the creative side?" michaellee and I and a couple of other guys I don't recognize by name ought to be able to yak about this for an hour and then some.
Saturday, 1400: Manga Influence in America. revolutionaryjo, two other lady otaku and I talk about the impact of manga on American culture, or, "All your buttsex cultural tropes are belong to us."
Saturday, 1700: Cartoons: Not Just For Kids revolutionaryjo, Daren Johnson, Greg Weisman (wow, a GoH!) and some dorky musician about cartoons that appeal to adults and cartoon series especially for adults. I'm not sure what I'm doing on this one because the only American series I've even seen with any regularity since I was a kid were The Tick and Invader Zim.
Sunday, 0930: Otaku: Your Wacky Fandom Neighbors Starring jariten, revolutionaryjo, one of our Detour guests from this year, and some jackass who ran an anime convention for a couple of years.
Sunday, 1230: The Politics of Fandom: How Are Decisions Made?kaustin, michaellee, Frank TC, and me. Program says, "Does the 'Too Many Cooks' metaphor apply here, or should we be worrying about too few?" and your guess is as good as mine as to what the suggester meant by that.
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