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Sleep, beautiful sleep

Bookshelves erected: 0
Work done on novel: More background stuff worked on. I now have a disturbing mental image of the Imperial sector governor watching hordes of crappy TTL9 & 10 spaceships fly by overhead while he cackles "Fly, my pretties!"
Time wasted on FARK.com: 30 minutes (good)
Time wasted on Fandom_Wank: 1 hour (bad)
Time spent APAhacking: 5 hours (late, but good)
WW points spent on dinner: 20 (better, still not good)

I suppose I should have gotten a jump on my apahacking at work, since it was so desperately slow today, but instead I worked on background for BRS. Still, I managed to crank out two disties worth of mailing comments and a whole mess of natter, which means I only have to do the most recent disty's comments. I'd feel a lot more virtuous if I hadn't waited until the day before the collation to get started. Well, I better finish my coffee and get cracking.

1240 Update: Finished the apazine. Now to shower, dress, get copying done, and grab some lunch en route to the collation - I have to show up early at the library to take care of paperwork and check out a couple of books they've had shipped in from other branches for me.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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