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It's the heat

Good God, y'all. That was one scorcher of a day yesterday. Got up fairly early and made it to the Board meeting on time; it was fairly lively & spirited with a lot of discussion going on, which was a good thing. Unfortunately my shades didn't show up, which sucked, but other than that it was a good breakfast and a good meeting.

Then we headed over to the Thuinderbird for the staff meeting. OMG, it reminded me of late spring down home, before it gets really humid. It was 94 degrees out there, but dry enough so that with the windows down and the Sportage rolling at the speed limit it was actually comfortable. Still, we were glad to go inside and enjoy the Thunderbird's AC. The staff meeting was very well attended - 38 people, many of them new chums. We may need to get some more chairs in there if this keeps up. ^_^ I'll have the minutes up tomorrow night, probably, since today I have a few things to do before heading out to tatsmaru's joint for the obligatory holiday Tubes of Meat Grillathon. Like, ordering new sunglasses. (Grrr.) Another 2-3 C-notes out of the pre-tax spending account that I'm going to miss later in the year...but on the other hand, I'd like to keep the rods & cones I have left.

After the staff meeting I hung out with acdragonmaster, redmartel, Eric and Jeff until phoenixalpha started complaining about the lack of food, at which point we headed off to Jimmy John's for a late lunch/early dinner. Then it was back to Q. Cumbers to retrieve my vest (thought I was too young to be this forgetful, but maybe not) and then back to the apartment where it felt great to be in an air-conditioned space. I watched some more Azumanga Daioh, read David Weber's Bolo! and eventually went *thud* around 11 PM. Extended sleep ensued, hurrah!

The Weber book is a collection of short fiction he'd written for the various anthologies Baen has published since Laumer's death. I was struck on rereading them how well most of these authors have developed the underlying themes of Laumer's stories while fitting them into a future history that I don't think Laumer ever really bothered to detail to the extent that the Baen Books editors have. All in all, it's one of the better shared-universe efforts going on right now.
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