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Maybe we should have watched them the other way around...

...but I'm not sure it would have helped. phoenixalpha and I went over to La Casa stuckintraffik to watch Unleashed and Oldboy, and wound up prefacing these with Ten Things I Hate About You, which was showing on the Comedy Channel and was a lot better than I expected. I may have to haul out my Shakespeare and read "The Taming of the Shrew" sometime soon; suffice it to say that the movie was very good indeed.

Well, my opinion of Unleashed was back here. As for Oldboy...holy shit. This movie is bad and bad ass both. Horrible, horrible things occur in this movie, to the point where we now have a new scale of bad in this family. Most things that people consider bad (murder, death by falling rocks, falling into volcanoes) do not even move the needle on the Oldboy scale. NGE only rates a 3. Nothing I can tell you about this movie can really prepare you for the horrible things that occur, and after it's done you will wish very badly for a copy of Microsoft Brain Manager so you can pull certain memories out of your brain and completely flush them. It's a very well-done movie, imao, but the horror...urgh.

Managed to misplace my sunglasses somewhere between Q. Cumber's and jamestrainor's place; hopefully they'll show up tomorrow. We'll see, I guess. Time to go watch some Azumanga Daioh to see if I can get some of that Oldboy taste out of my head...
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