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Meanwhile, back in the danelaw...

What with one thing and another, I didn't get to sleep until after 1 AM last night, so instead of getting up nice and early at 6 and having a leisurely breakfast before heading off to work, I slept in until 7, slammed one of the cans of Suntory Dark Black BOSS coffee I hadn't sucked up at CONvergence, and drove the Sportage downtown, fully expecting to be late. Surprisingly, despite leaving at a few minutes before eight, I managed to arrive at work a few minutes before my offical start time...and promptly sank into a semi-catatonic state until lunch due to the lack of any kind of work.

The class on special needs students seems to be largely a rehash of the topic (which we covered in the Fundamentals class) with some more legal details added. I have some thoughts on the video we saw in class, but those are for another post. This one's only four weeks long, and the Tech in the Classroom course isn't much longer - six weeks, starting next Monday. Unfortunately, I've bombed out of the Reading and Assessment classes because I didn't get the work in on time, and will probably have to either retake those or see if I can test out of them. I also have to find some time this summer to take the two CLEP tests I need and squeeze in the prerequisite class on Developmental Psych as well.

My Senators finished June in fifth place, and the Twins and Phillies are still atop their respective divisions. All's right with my baseball world.

I also finally got the duplicate copy of Cake's Motorcade of Generosity that I won from some guy in England, which I have promptly put up for auction on eBay. Tomorrow, Arcana and apostate daughters permitting, I might actually get home early enough to do some badly-needed laundry.
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