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lost in the stacks

The thing about Wikipedia is that it lends itself to link-chasing. You start out looking for information on something, and the article on that subject (which didn't really tell you what you wanted to know) links to this and this until one finally arrives at Severed Heads and X Marks the Pedwalk, at which point I finally found something I recognized...but at that point, how descriptive is it, really, of the thing I started looking at?

All this started with Alan pointing me to the Industrial Music site by way of finding out what bands I was into, which was a frustrating experience for both of us since most of the electronica and dance music I've heard has been free of identifying pauses by DJs (aaarrrggghhhh!) so I often don't know who's responsible for what I'm enjoying. Frustrating. Well, I'll keep thrashing around trying to figure out what this stuff is called that I like and who the people are that are mixing it. Like, for example, Scooter.
Tags: culture w/o politics
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