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Your moment of "awww..."

“I’ll be down the hall,” I said. “I’ll close my door so the typing doesn’t keep you awake.”

“No,” said a sleepy voice. “The typing makes me feel safe.”

It's almost too cute. It makes you want to freeze her in carbonite so her father is spared having to chronicle her metamorphosis into a whiny, self-centered teenager. At the risk of jinxing them, though, I have the feeling that she's going to grow up just fine; meanwhile, it's fun to watch.

What? M****** is having a birthday too? I need to find out where he's at so I can drop by and congratulate him, somewhere between picking up a sport coat for tomorrow (preferably black, the festive color of our tribe), picking up my new sunglasses which are -amazingly- already done, and...there's something else I need to do tonight, but I can't recall what it is at the moment. Well, either it'll come to me or it won't. *shrug*