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Because work sucks

Eric Raymond talks about Eurogames - and the old SPI monstergames, in passing. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that someone into combat SF would also have been interested in wargames; there's a fair amount of overlap in the two fandoms.

Also worth noting is Tom Wolfe's Jefferson Lecture, which considers speech as the true advantage that man has over the animals. (h/t Ed Driscoll)

NRO collected various think-tank pundits and politicians' reactions to the President's speech last night; perhaps unsurprisingly, most of them weren't too impressed. On the other hand, a CNN poll says the viewing public liked it just fine. Me, I dunno. I think W split the difference and tried to keep everyone but the hardcore on both sides happy, but the devil is in the details. It all comes down to whether the House is willing to go to the mat on this

On a totally unrelated topic, Colby Cosh looks at the numbers and concludes that Leo Mazzone, celebrated pitching coach of the Braves (now with the Orioles) ain't all that.

Meanwhile, down home in Maryland, Kweisi Mfume says he's about ready to walk off the plantation and throw his support behind Republican Michael Steele. Mfume is apparently torqued that the Maryland Democrats have quietly gotten behind white contender Benjamin Cardin instead of the former NAACP head. Full story in the Washington Times.

On whiggers:
Too many folks don't bother to disambiguate race and culture amid the confusion of political correctness and multiculturalism. We in the Old School have few such qualms or confusions. Just as Chris Rock says, just as Cosby says, we know the difference between blackfolks and niggas. We're not afraid to call a spade a spade. Why? Because racial segregation forced us to live with them a lot longer than everyone else. We know the ultimate costs. America may yet learn.

Yeah, Cobb's back. I'm damn glad to see him, and when he lays down the crtique, I listen.
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