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Going off half-cocked?

Well, that didn't take long. No sooner did this AP report on the President's speech than some conservatives went ballistic. Me, I dunno. I'm willing to wait and see what W actually says. While folks seem to be in a mood for pitchforks and torches for a lot of reasons, Jim Geraghty at NRO points out that the "sit this one out" crowd stands a distinct chance of losing some of the more conservative House and Senate Republicans while not even touching the worst Senate RINOs, since they're not even up for election this year.

The cure for the RINOs is defeating them with conservative primary opponents. Nothing else works, as we've seen with Arlen Specter. Sitting home in November because W acted exactly the way he said he would instead of being the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan is petty and childish, and hopefully people will come to their senses before the polls close later this year. The downside, as Geraghty points out, is pretty damn grim.
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