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Across the great divide

Austin Bay points to a Ken Allard op-ed in today's San Antonio Express-News about the asinine criticism of General Hayden's appointment to head the CIA. Austin recommends that you read the whole thing, as do I; those of you who have read James Webb's Born Fighting will recognize what's going on almost immediately. Fact is, the military culture has been Scots-Irish for quite some time, and that's precisely the subculture the press and academics in the Blue States most loathe. Most of the time that's okay, it's all part of the ongoing dynamic tension that makes the country stronger, but there 's a war on and this is no time for Pinch Sulzberger's snobbery. Hayden has demonstrated that he has two things badly needed at Langley these days: enormous brass balls, and a squeaky-clean background that'll keep him from being japped by some dirt-digging Congressional staffer or Washington newshound.

Besides,there's no way Hayden could possibly be as bad as the last uniformed officer in charge at the CIA. God, what a bozo he was - and is.

Via Instapundit.
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