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Stranger in town

Well, not really. My friend RS has been in Minneapolis before, but that was some years ago, back when I was still married and living in the house on 16th Avenue. On this occasion he was flying back from a trip to Vancouver and chose to have a six-hour layover here to hang out with friends and eat something beside airport food, so phoenixalpha and I met him at the airport. We headed downtown to Rosen's City Tavern in the Warehouse District, which hasn't changed much from the days when it was Rosen's Sports Bar except that the TVs are flatter and slightly less obtrusive than they used to be, and the menu has more collision cuisine type items on it than it used to. Which is good, I guess; you have to have some way to help differentiate yourself from the dozen or so other bar & grill type places down there. We did lunch with soup and dessert, and it was all pretty good; after that we just hung out and talked for a couple of hours about business and leather and other matters of interest until it was time for P to catch her ride off to the Undead Sheep Ranch and RS to head back to the airport to catch his flight back.

I also picked up a couple of shelves at IKEA (finally!) and cleaned the bedroom so I'd have someplace to put the shelves. Tomorrow I'll put the shelves together and maybe empty out a couple of these here boxes so I can actually see some of my books instead of wondering where they are. Also on the agenda, because it's that time of the week again, is laundry.

Speaking of IKEA, the layout of the place is totally annoying. If I wanted to feel like a rat in a maze, I'd be blowing a lot of my disposable cash going to places that had them instead of dodging people and their kids and their carts while trying to find a couple sets of cheap shelving. It may be trendy and cool and all full of Nordic attraction for all the Germans up here pretending to be some species of Scandihoovian, but being a Reverse Black Irish Basque Southern Jewboy I'm not impressed. I just want to get in, get my damn shelves, and get the hell out, which means next time I'm in the market for shelves (Friday) I''m going to WalMart. Did I mention that IKEA has those annoying Armed robbers welcome! signs posted?
Another reason not to do business with them.
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