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Friday linkfest

Well, after spending the day in my cube in a semi-catatonic state listening to Poison and whatever's on the Carbon, dealing with research requests, swilling water, loading files and popping DayQuils, I'm feeling somewhat better - but I'm still planning on crashing when I get home after stopping by the Walgreens to pick up NyQuils.

First, though, a few of the more interesting things seen around the interwebs this week...

George Will ain't too impressed with the Admiral, whose grasp of his oath seems a mite shaky. Via Instapundit.

This site, on the other hand, is indeed very cool and extremely useful. It helped kill several hours of unproductive time at work this week; thanks to Steven den Beste for linking to it. Even if he does go on and on about Divergence Eve.

Whose Border Patrol is it anyway? The brass at the USBP get busted by reporters playing footsie with the Mexican government and tipping them off to the locations of Minuteman patrols on the border. Having been caught, they're trying to spin their way out of it. The longer this crap goes on, the more I think we ought to just settle a division or three of the National Guard down there and lock it down. Via Michelle Malkin. (Earlier stories linked at bottom of first article.)

Those of you into fanfic are familiar with the phenomenon of songfics. This Vanderleun post on the drive-by media's imploding audience qualifies as a songrant, methinks. Come for the Dylan, stay for the thrashing.

Running the numbers on ethanol, and why it's not going to save us from deranged Latino dictators or Arab sheiks. The Truth About Cars chimes in with a jaundiced look at alternative fuels in general and ethanol in particular. (former via GVDL, latter via Instapundit)

Why one of the least effective Communist leaders of the 1960s is still around to annoy us 40 years later. It's all about the media, baby.

This week's been a good one at Megatokyo. Start here and read on.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been so good between the lines, either here in Minnesota or down home in Washington.

At least in these parts Sid Hartman has long been known as a relentless homer; what the hell is Tom Boswell's excuse? He used to be a good baseball writer once... (Via Capitol Punishment.)

EDIT: Crap, I can't believe I forgot these posts from the Blog Formerly Known As The Marmot's Hole! First, a weird little item on just how all those Koreans wound up in Kazakhstan, with the extra bonus of a historian finding out the truth about Sergei Kirov's assassination (which set off the Great Purge of 1937 in the USSR- not to be confused with all the other damn purges going on pretty much since 1922) in Japan. Believe it or not, the two are related. Also, a nice bit of fortressblogging featuring a Mongolian's POV on the Great Wall of China. ^_^

Time for me to see if I can stay awake all the way home.
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