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Welcome to the suck, part #512

Been up since 0230 thanks to a really nasty cold (flu? mumps?) and the DayQuil I took to suppress the symptoms. I'd call in sick but it's the last day of the upload window and I really need to be there; it's just not fair to Fil and Doua to have to deal with all the brain-dead morons who call to ask stupid questions they already know the answers to or can't be arsed to look up themselves. One's as bad as the other when you're sick. Well, at least I used the unscheduled awake time kinda sorta constructively, by watching another six episodes of Angelic Layer.

Before I went to sleep and my treacherous body did horrible things unto me, I watched Unleashed.

This is a brutal but surprising movie, even though you know most of the story from the trailer. Jet Li plays Danny, a man who has been raised by his "Uncle Bert" (Bob Hoskins), to be a pit bull of a man - a martial arts death machine in the most extreme sense. Bert uses him as an enforcer in his little criminal empire, leaving dead and crippled victims all over the city, until one day Sam, a blind piano tuner (Morgan Freeman) spurs Danny's memory...and things go off the rails frrom there as Danny begins to recover his past and Bert desperately tries to recover his "dog". This is an exceptionally well done movie - it could have been just a very violent chop-socky flick, but there's so much more to it. Good performances all around, especially by Kerry Condon as Victoria, Sam's adopted daughter. Direction by Luc Besson also excellent, and Wen Lo Ping is, without question, the absolute master of martial arts choreography.

Now to shower and make my way to work. Urgh.
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