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The march of progress

The visit to the vein specialist went pretty well. The wounds have largely healed; there's only two small ones left, one on each leg. She was happy that I'd maintained the food diary but noodged me about exercise, which I guess was predictable.

Then it was off to work...and all I have to say about that is that thank God most of these cretinous fucks I deal with are in San Francisco where I can't reach them, because if I could reach them I would most definitely hurt them. I'm convinced they won't learn any other way, the lusers.

I noticed in passing that my student loan has come in, which will make the IRS happy since now I can make them an offer. It definitely makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy is going to Best Buy in search of a SCSI/USB cable and finding out it would be cheaper just to get an external hard drive - which would have more storage on it than the Jaz I'm trying to get to work with the Deskpro. Ah well, I can mollify myself with Unleashed, the Space:Above and Beyond box set I've been denying myself all these months, and the new Best of Poison CD, which has "Ride The Wind". w00t!
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, tech stuff, work
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