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Nobody called back from the school to tell me that last night's class had been cancelled, so phoenixalpha and I headed down to St. Mary's through the rush-hour traffic only to find on arrival that no room was posted for the class. Nobody was around in the MAI area, so I headed over to the main building where I learned from the receptionist that it's an independent study course. (Uh-oh.) Guess I'll drop the instructor a line from work and find out what's going on - it's not listed on Blackboard or anything, so...WTF? At least the course has triggered th second half of my student loan for this term, and depending on how things go I'll either have it this Friday or next Friday, preferably the former.

So P and I went home by way of Chipotle, and I turned over Civicrack to her since I really need to start on this backlog of borrowed movies & anime. I managed to get through Modesty Blaise, which was an enormously silly and terribly dated period piece. It seemed to be missing something, though I can't quoite put my finger on it. Maybe if I'd seen the comic strip it would have been funnier, but I don't know. All in all, it came off as a lame British knockoff of Our Man Flint . Also watched a couple episodes of Geobreeders, which was time spent not watching Pitch Black or The Corpse Bride.
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