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That was nice.

Well, my summer break, such as it is, is over tomorrow night when the Adolescent Psych class starts. At least I had a good weekend to wrap it up with. Saturday I slept in after staying up with Civicrack until all hours, and then went out to the Knox Avenue P&R for phoenixalpha's first driving lesson, which was every bit as fun as I expected it to be. It was probably worse for her - she seemed to expect me to explode every time she screwed up, which wasn't going to happen because I remember just how hard it was learning to drive a stickshift. It'll take practice. There really isn't anything that'll teach you how to brake without killing the engine and change gears without revving the engine except practice, so we'll keep at it until she gets it right.

After that we went down to one of the city parks and wandered around by way of getting some exercise in and then headed up to tatsmaru's joint since we were both feeling mildly social and phoenixalpha wanted to show off her 1337 cooking skillz. Which she did, fixing garlic cheese bread and pasta with pork sausage, both of which were warmly received. We then hung out and talked until all hours, finally heading home around 0200, aaarrrggh.

Today has been largely spent on sloth, indolence and Civicrack; tomorrow it's back to work.
Tags: family drama, friends, teaching
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