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now it can be (re)told

Went to the first Happy Hour after work I'd been to in a while, a sendoff for Kristi, down at Brothers in the Warehouse District. Didn't cost me anything but time and parking fees, since pop is free and so were the appetizers. I probably ate more meatballs, cheese, crackers and cheese sticks than I should have...other than that, while it was nice to hang out with some people I don't usually see because we work in different sections, it was a little too loud in there to really carry on a conversation and their barstools aren't built for someone my size. It was almost as painful to sit down as it was to stand up, and the damn stools had nowhere to put your feet - which wouldn't have been so bad if the stools hadn't been so high that even my feet didn't reach the floor.

I've started reading and posting to alt.fan.utena after a break of about four months. Traffic's really fallen off, but once in a while somebody posts something really worthwhile like this link, which takes you to a compilation of Utena fanworks links on LJ. Nice. It provoked me to pull all of my (completed) Utena fanfic out -and actually finish one- before throwing them up on my Geocities site. Actually, Shojo Kakumei Ukyo was long enough that I set it up with its own webpage. Looking back on these after four-five years, I think they all probably could have benefitted from beta readers and some editing, but there aren't any horrible problems with any of them. I hope. Read and enjoy, or not.
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