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A few weeks back I got busted for not having the annual registration tabs on my plates, even though the Minneapolis cop who pulled me over (on 35W during rush hour, no less) discovered once he ran my license past DVS that I had in fact paid my annual fee to the State and that this was a case of some jerk ripping off my tabs. So I made a date to see a hearing officer, replaced the tabs, and stewed about it occasionally for a few weeks. Today I got my day in court, which lasted about five minutes - the hearing offficer dismissed the ticket, and that was that.

So I went off to the SuperAmerica, flushed with victory, and cashed in some of my Speedy Rewards points to get my tank filled for cheap - 12 cents off the $2.75 at the pump. I tell you, this SR card is paying for itself. Free pop, discount gas, and cheap (in both senses) eats. w00t!

Unfortunately, all is not sweetness and light in the life of the Chief Wombat. Tomorrow I bid farewell to the other inhabitant of my particular island of cubes. My friend the Eastside Controller's secretary is leaving for a position with Rural Community Insurance up in Anoka, which makes her the third person to leave this past week. Predictably, the managers are dragging their feet looking for replacements. They must have interviewed half a company's worth of applicants in the last week without hiring any, probably since no accounting or business major worth hiring is willing to settle for what they think is a reasonable salary, i.e. less than 30K. Shit, you can't even hire a temp to mangle spreadsheets for that kind of money any more...but that's probably what they'll wind up doing, and then hiring the temp because at that point they'll already have learned all the asinine, pettifogging details some of these clowns insist on. Bad attitude? Me? Hey, it's better than no attitude at all, eh bossman?
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