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Finally, a real owner instead of an MLB goat-rope

I, for one, welcome our new property development overlords. The bad news is that Jim Bowden will apparently continue as GM under the new owners, but on the other side it looks like Comcast is going to get talked into carrying Nationals games soon, which will be a big change from the status quo.

Closer to home, my fantasy team continues to sink in the standings despite a solid win by Brad Radke and another three-ribbie night from Lance Berkman. The Curtis Granderson, he does nothing! Off he goes to the waiver wire, to be replaced in tomorrow's lineup by O's centerfielder Corey Patterson, who is perhaps not as good a player between the lines as Granderson in real life, but steals a lot more bases and scores a lot more runs, and dammit, that's what I need right now. The horrible ERA and WHIP will decrease in time (especially if Kazmir and Blanton have a good duel tomorrow night in Oaktown) but the runs and steals need to be fixed now, and the Orioles' new leadoff hitter looks like just the man to do it.

I need to find a baseball-specific icon.
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