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The yawning void of Tuesday

Well, this has been a spectacularly unproductive day, even by the low standards of the first week in the upload window here at the Evil Banking Neighbor. This wasn't helped by my decision to bank a half-hour of time toward my absence on Thursday - amusingly enough, my date with the violations bureau to contest my ticket falls on the National Day of Prayer. Thus, many blogs were read and I actually did some writing, though sadly it's all wanking about Detour and smaller cons which I'm probably not going to post here.

Tonight ought to be fairly busy. I'm going to try and hit the trifecta of Wal-Mart, the laundromat and Walgreens so that I can replace old and busted laundry baskets with new ones, replace old & dirty clothes with old & clean ones, and pick up a refill for one of my prescriptions. All this and a trip to Falcon Heights to retrieve phoenixalpha. It'll be a bit tight, but I think I can manage it. I may even get to listen to a Twins game. ^^

Edit: In a weird stroke of synchronicity, no sooner do I post this than the long-missing drunkenphlower breaks her silence with a post titled "Antiproductivity". Heh.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, work
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