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Preparations for the weekend

Already ordered a couple of cases of pocky for this weekend's Anime Detour room party at CONvergence, but decided against ramune - at about $1.75/bottle, even at case rates, it's way too expensive to be giving away. We're going to settle for pocky, a couple more canisters of those fruit pulpy gel things, and maybe some bulk snack cracker-type thingies from United Noodles to go with the cases of pop I'll be schlepping into the Kia and then to the tub in the cabana. Also need to pick up some more floor pillows for people to sit on, since we only have a couple at the apartment and will definitely need more for people to sprawl on since we had the beds removed.

Plus, I need to get the new & improved registration flyers printed up along with flyers to advertise the room party. tokenfanboy and phoenixalpha did a good preliminary job slapping a registration flyer together, but I want the Heroin Chic version of AD-chan off of there. I don't care if we have to fill the space with a stick figure giant robot, I want her GONE. Not their fault - you have to work with what you have, after all, and the mascot did for Jon isn't quite camera-ready.
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