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Because it's not all happening here

Or in Iraq, Korea and Australia, for that matter. I know I have him on the sidebar, but I can't promote Colby Cosh enough, especially now that he's changed the major thrust of his blog.

Up until a few weeks ago, Colby was primarily an essayist specializing in Canadian politics, odd cultural events, and sports, especially the CFL and NHL. Now he's become a content aggregator, checking the less-visited parts of the world press to find the odd and unusual news stories. Most recently, in addition to coverage of the Stanley cup playoffs, Colby's had links to stories about the fate of Namibia's Bushmen after the war, kiss-and-tell memoirs by a Brazilian "program girl", Kenyan MPs caught in a stolen luxury car scandal, and a Swiss Catholic politician's call to abolish the Pope's Swiss Guard. All this and more coolness on a daily basis.
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