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Interesting times in the Old Country

Looks like my friend Starwolf won't be jumping off his balcony after all. Apparently Canadians don't get quite as upset about a little...okay, a lot of corruption on the part of the ruling Liberal party. The Grits will be forming a minority government, most likely with the help of the loony-left New Democrats and an independent MP or two, and even a casual observer of Canadian politics like me can see that this is a minority government that won't last. Given the iron hand of party discipline, I don't think the power of individual MPs is going to increase as much as some think it will (see this article from Instapundit) but rather, the junior partners of the Liberals are going to have clout all out of proportion to their numbers since they're going to have the ability to force a vote of no confidence at any time the PM crosses them.

Me, I don't think this minority government is going to last. Some Liberal MPs or independents will likely defect and help the Tories and the BQ bring down Paul Martin's house of cards once they realize how far to the left the NDP is likely to drag the Grits. I give it a year at the most.
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