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Every little bit counts

Bandages, check. Support stockings, check. Food diary, check. Drugs...ah, fsck me, where's the damn Prednisone? So begins the first day of the new diet & health regime. Fortunately for my hives, I still have the Claritin at work, and I picked up a bottle of Aveeno anti-itch lotion last night at Wal-Mart along with more bandages, tape and antibiotic creams, so the itching is beaten down to a tolerable level. If only I had some actual work to keep my mind off it.

Last night phoenixalpha and I, with more than a little help from Erick the Light Guy and tatsmaru, finally got the U-haul unloaded last night and the vast majority of her stuff packed into her storage locker. I was mildly disturbed to see that her furniture (her buffet, dresser, desk, bed pedestal, tchotchke shelf, end table & lamp) took up most of the floor space in a locker identical to the one Anime Detour used for its first couple of years. Her boxes and suitcases got stacked on top of that along with the floor pillows from the old apartment, and there's still enough room for the bookcases. The microwave and a couple bags' worth of dishes & stuff will be unloaded at my apartment tonight, I guess, and in a few months after she gets the money together, we'll do this all over again in reverse, though hopefully with a little more help and planning than we had this time.

After consulting with the one Kia service department in the Twin Cities that isn't on strike, it seems that if I want the Sportage to burn E85 I'll need to take my chances with an after-market product that isn't recommended by the manufacturer. Not that it matters much, since the warranty expired long ago, but it does make you wonder.

Currently reading: The Last Full Measure: The Life And Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers by Richard Moe. (Finally!)
Tags: family drama, medical stuff
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