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I don't like the drugs, and they don't like me either

One of the many things I accomplished over the weekend was acquiring my second medical allergy ever. Yes, at long last, after taking amoxicillin on a quarterly basis since 2002, the body has finally had enough. Fortunately, it's a mild allergy (hives as opposed to anaphylactic shock, which would have just ruined the whole weekend) and easily contained with Claritin. Unfortunately the Claritin is making me drowsy like it's not supposed to do, which is going to make finishing the month-end balancing this afternoon interesting. Then again, the horrible itching all over my body is a thing of the past and the welts on my arms and legs and torso are diminishing to an unsightly rash. So on balance I'm better off than I was.

I guess I'm over the hump with this infection, anyway. The sores on my legs have mostly dried up and the drainage has dwindled to the point where I can handle it with a couple of non-stick pads changed daily as opposed to three surgical sponges taped over the non-stick pads changed four times daily. I must have spent $50 in the last couple of weeks on bandages, sponges, pads and tape, because of course nobody sells any of this crap in bulk through a normal retail outlet, not even Wal-Mart, where you expect to find ginormous containers of practically everything. I guess the retail marketing analysis types figure anyone who needs that many bandages is probably in a hospital or nursing home...not yet, you bastards.Anyway, I suppose I can't bitch too loudly since the money mostly comes out of my pre-tax spending account, but still...that's a lot of bandage-making stuff.

Yesterday was the ATC Annual Meeting, which we normally schedule for the end of Detour and then punt to the following month; this year the Board was sensible and punted the meeting before the program books were printed up, so we are making progress in some areas, I guess.

stuckintraffik stepped down as President since he's going to be chairman these next two years, while redmartel and I ran unopposed as Treasurer/VP and Secretary respectively because nobody else wants his job and nobody is quite sure what I do as Secretary, aside from my not having a vote on the Board. Ten people ran for the five open seats on the Board; all of the incumbents except for tatsmaru, who was running for President, plus six new folks, some of whom were not exactly thrilled to find out they'd been nominated, but not appalled enough to refuse the nomination.

For whatever reason, all of the incumbents running for re-election (except phoenixalpha, ironically elected to replace Josh last fall) were defeated, and by fairly comfortable margins. It'll be interesting to see what the new Board does; we have a number of charitable/philanthropic things we need to set about doing.
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