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Busy Saturday

On waking around 10 AM I almost considered punting the StippleAPA collation, but decided that the least I could do was crank out a two-page excusezine bringing people up to date on what's been happening, so I did. I also managed to find time to drop by Southdale and pick up replacement tabs for the Sportage, get the apazine copied, grab lunch at Wendy's, and drive over to the Merriam Park Library for the collation, arriving just a few minutes late. Jeanne was the only one there! We chatted for about fifteen minutes or so and then Sybil showed up, after which more conversation ensued, and finally collation about 2:30. Judie then came in around 3-ish while Jeanne was stapling, and jolest about 3:30 as Judie was about to leave. Much discussion of Minicon, at which Harlan Ellison was apparently much less bitchy and contentious than he normally is at conventions. Attendance seems to have leveled off at 500, but they seem to be having a good time, so more power to them.

Collation broke up at 4, and after refueling the Sportage I dropped by and said hello to stuckintraffik, who is chained to the pager this weekend. Alan was also there, and despite my best intentions we wound up talking about AD. *rolls eyes* Then Animal House came on, so we watched that until it was time for stuckintraffik to go get his missus from work. Alan and I headed home, though once I got back to the apartment I realized I'd forgotten to fill my Actos prescription while I was out. This I headed out to do around 9, with stops at B&N and Taco Bell for a very late dinner and something to read (CJ Cherryh's Destroyer and John Scalzi's Old Man's War, since the waitlist for that at the county library is insane) while eating it.

Now I think I'll toddle off to bed...well, actually, I think I'll read another chapter or two of Destroyer until the Root Man comes on.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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