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Mixed emotions

You know, the live action versions of most anime really suck. (Well, Great Teacher Onizuka is supposed to be the exception to that, but I haven't seen it.) So I'm not too enthused over the notion of seeing a live-action version of Sailor Moon...on the one hand, it's supposed to star Lindsay Lohan in the lead role (WTF?) but on the other hand Fox wants Joss Whedon to do the scripts. You'd think Jessica Simpson would be ideal as Usagi; she certainly has the airheadedness down, by all accounts, although expecting people to believe she's 16 might be a bit hard on the ol' suspension of disbelief.

Via Don McClane, through Chizumatic @1330, 4/20. Den Beste also talks about "ghost characters" in kanji, which is interesting.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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