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fending off the stark fist of removal

There was no dodging it this year. Thanks to the data entry work I did last fall and the cashing in of options, Uncle Sam and Governator Jr. bent me over for about $1600, none of which I can pay at the moment. I can't even pay the $19.95 for the state return until Friday. So I'll file late; the penalty for doing so won't hurt that much more and I'm going to be paying a buttload of interest anyway. For next year, I'm going to increase my withholding and kick up the amount I'm putting in the 401k, both of which ought to help. Especially since I'm squirreling $3000 away in an MSA against my co-pays and medical deductible anyway...I should be okay next year, and will be sure to sock a few hundred bucks away when I cash in my last set of options next year so I don't get totally bent over like I did this year.

phoenixalpha, on the other hand, made out pretty well. Refunds from the state and the Feds, huzza! Plus, her income was low enough that she didn't have to pay filing fees for either return.

Today's the first full day of the amoxicillin. The legs are burning slightly, which is to be expected, and the blood sugar is down below 150 for the first time in a week, which is good. It'll be interesting to see if the drainage changes at all; in the meantime, I've laid in a supply of bandages and tape here at the office since I've gone completely through the Zee Medical locker's supply of non-stick pads and large bandages. I've also used half the gauze pads and the roll of tape. The 3M Micropore is probably better for me than the generic Zee cloth tape anyway.

Tonight, I need to do dishes and go to bed early so I'll be well rested for the hotel meeting tomorrow. I already promised stuckintraffik and redmartel that I wouldn't lead off by calling the Sheraton salespeople a bunch of uncommunicative fucktards, so things ought to go well. ~_^

Currently reading: Goodbye, Darkness by William Manchester
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