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John Dewey = Alfred Sloan?

Ed Driscoll quotes extensively from a review by Professor M.D. Aeschliman in this month's dead-tree edition of National Review; the good professor is looking at Henry T. Edmondson's John Dewey and the Decline of American Education and laying the smackdown generously on Dewey in the process. I may have to go buy this issue just to read the rest of the review, and am definitely going to look up the book once I get by library card out of hock again.

Ed also connects Alvin Toffler and Glenn Reynolds with a critique of the public school system that will be familiar to long-time readers of this LJ: the public school as factory, and one producing a product increasingly found unsuitable by most Americans. Hmmm...the public schools as the General Motors of education?

In other news, phoenixalpha is moving in this weekend and the apartment is thus being rearranged. Huzzah. I better get laundry done tonight, since I'll have curst few opportunies otherwise this weekend.
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