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I got that weekend sensation

Yes, I know that's not how the refrain to that song by Lynch Mob goes, but until I actually bought the CD I didn't know, so thpppbbbt.

Renewed my Reader's Advantage card at Barnes & Noble today in the process of acquiring this year's edition of Baseball Prospectus, which this year has given up on splitting the teams by league; this will make it much easier to find players, and that is a Good Thing. Since the draft for my Yahoo! fantasy league is at 9:30 tomorrow morning, I'll probably be up until about midnight poring over it, the Sporting News Fantasy Baseball Manager's Advisor (or whatever the hell it's called this year) and the projections in the STATS Major League Handbook. That will leave me all afternoon tomorrow to do laundry, work on the assessment assignments which are being punted in favor of baseball, and then maybe motor on over to Muppet Labs for the party windelina and Monte are throwing.

Sunday afternoon I'm going to thrash redmartel at Russo-Polish War, or maybe not, since there looks to be all kinds of randomness in the game system. We might even squeeze in a game of Freikorps, which is really the logical follow-on to a Russian victory in the 1921 war, since it posits a Communist revolution in Germany following a Soviet conquest of Poland, but that's up to my host.

Sometime during the weekend, a haircut and some shopping. I've registered for my summer classes (Adolescent Psych for the first time and Social Studies Methods - again) so the leftovers from my student loan should trickle down to me by the end of the month. Onward and upwards.
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