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Ethnic illiteracy and the immigration problem

Well, apparently things went a little nuts over the weekend, with a bunch of jackholes skipping school to spout irredentist crap in the streets and fly the Mexican flag. Real smooth.

I don't know if I'd go as far as Mark Krikorian in comparing this to the exclave situation in Europe (the new dhimmitude?!?), but it's obvious to me that the Feds need to get their thumb out of their collective ass and start getting serious about securing the Mexican border.

I have zero sympathy for these people, with whom (like Val Prieto) I have nothing in common but my mother tongue. Mexico is a hideous kleptocracy whose baby steps toward freedom are hobbled by the fact that millions of tough, hard-working Mexicans would rather flee north instead of rebel against the nepotism-riddled crony-crippled socialist state they were born in. The best thing we could do for Mexico (aside from inciting a revolt ourselves) is to seal off our Southern border, which would turn up the heat on the PAN, PRI, and PRD to actually do something about their fucked-up economy and their utterly corrupt government.

Don't tell me it can't be done. Part of the job has already been done south of San Diego and in other high-risk locations, which is why you see all these stories about illegals dying in the desert or stampeding through remote counties in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We have the technology to do this; it's just a question of political will, but unfortunately that seems to be lacking since the President is loathe to take point on this and anger his "good friend" Vicente Fox, whose consuls are aiding and abetting illegals as well as interfering in our politics.

Until the Great Wall of Mexico is built, the big pinata party is going to go on, since la migra just isn't big enough to put more than a token dent in the number of illegals working here as long as millions more keep flooding in. And we're going to continue having exclaves of Mexicans available for demonstrations and rioting until we start acting like a nation again instead of a big box store. Securing the borders is the first step. Getting rid of the MS-13 types is next - we're at war, damn it, and those people are here illegally. Execute their asses if El Salvador won't take them back. Then we can settle down to assimilating the Mexicans who want to become citizens, ejecting the MEChA traitors to the wastelands of their patria, and dealing with the Mexicans who just want to work here for a few years before going home. Any of them who can't prove they got here legally should be offered the chance to plead guilty, pay a sizable fine, and be put on probation, with the next offense being their last before deportation and a permanent bar.

The last part is going to require a lot more manpower than ICE has, and it's just about the only thing I'd favor a draft for. ICE and the Border Patrol need to be either militarized or beefed up with National Guard units, and the only way to get ICE up to strength might be a revival of the draft for MP units. I hate the idea, but I hate the idea of a bunch of Mexican assholes taking over my country by slow infiltration even more.
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