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The Matrix: Reconsidered

I think one of the marks of great art is that it keeps coming back and making you rethink your assumptions and conclusions about it. The consensus in fandom (to say nothing of the public) seems to be that The Matrix was a great movie, The Matrix Reloaded not so good, and The Matrix: Revolutions a disappointing failure. While I'm willing to accept that the Wachowski brothers may have been a little too subtle for their own good. Or maybe the word I'm looking for here is obscure - how many of us, after all, are really up on our mythology and theology? I'm fairly hardcore for a Catholic, and there was stuff in Brian Takle's essays that kinda sounded familiar but that I couldn't really claim to know well. Anyway, here's the links to Takle's two essays, which are mainly about the symbolism of the two sequels, and den Beste's essay, which pulls everything together for the benefit of people who think there's something wrong with the movies on a fundamental level.

The Matrix Reloaded.

The Matrix: Revolutions

The Engineer's Guide to The Matrix

From haibane.info via Chizumatic.
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