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Belly dancing, dieting, anime, and airmobile warfare

That's what's on tap for my weekend. phoenixalpha and I will be heading down to Jerusalem's to chow down on some quality shawirma and watch Middle Eastern dancing of equally high quality before we head over to Games Night at Richard Tatge's so herself can return a Russian techno CD to its owner, who after all this time has probably forgotten that he owns it. I want to find out where he got it so I can get a copy, since a search of Google for the band name was less than helpful.

The dieting will resume on Monday after a weekend of moderation (he said hopefully); weighed in today at 404.2, down 0.8 from my last weigh-in last Tuesday. I'll weigh in again Thursday, and don't expect to have any problem maintaining my weight loss throguh the weekend of CONvergence since I've volunteered for enough stuff that I don't think I'm going to have time to eat. We'll see.

What with the Volunteer Party last week, the monthly Minnetokyo viewing was delayed until this Saturday and will be relocating to Anne's basement in Hopkins. More RahXephon, more Ceres, more Hellsing, and probably a couple of other things if we have the time and inclination.

Last but not least, when I'm not playing with LiveJournal or auctioning stuff on eBay I'll probably be curled up with Cowzilla and The Operational Art of War by Talonsoft. This totally rules, and I can't wait to get some of the games I have out of the closet and build some scenarios with them for TOAW. I also want to find my copy of Aide De Camp and install it on Cowzilla so that I can goof around with some of the ADC datasets for the SPI and GDW games I have, maybe fiddle with converting some of the ADC game sets to TOAW. We'll see.

Oh, yeah - went to see Hellboy at the Plaza Maplewood last night. It rocked. Fabulous movie. Should be seen in a theater so you can appreciate the sheer size of some of the places in the movie, especially Rasputin's mausoleum. Whoa.
Tags: fat, movies, the bush of fandom, wargames
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