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We had three trucks for a couple of hours this morning but now we're back down to two; the truck from Edina has been cancelled and replaced by a Budget 15-footer which is a lot closer to the hotel and thus closer to our AV rental place. We also have half a grand worth of barbecued ribs and chicken and sides being cooked up on our behalf, and geekboyonline is taking care of our lone vegetarian guest so that's covered, except I still have to go retrieve all that food on Thursday. Happy happy joy joy. Still waiting for the call back from the guy who's renting us the dividers for the lounge and the bookcases (cheaper than cabinets) for Operations.

The mailbox was full of stuff today, but not much of it for the convention for a change. Another AMV showed up, probably for WTF?, and a couple pieces of returned mail. The progress report for Convergence also showed up, addressed to "The Trainor Family", which took me aback a bit...my kids have both moved out on their own, and there's no Mrs. Trainor closer than Pittsburgh -my Uncle John's wife, whose name I am ashamed to have forgotten- any more. It's not something I'm angry about, but it does bother me. Puts me in a weird mood, it does.
Tags: domestic stuff, the bush of fandom
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