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That's Not Sweat, The Sequel

Dr. S agreed that the leg was looking a lot better after all the pressure cuff time, but was concerned that the blood pressure was still high (150/94) and so increased the dosage on the Cozaar. We also talked about suitable bandages for the leg so that my pants don't get (further) fouled by leaking lymph fluids. I think I actually have most of what I need at home already, though I may need to pick up another roll of Coban tape at Wal-Mart or Walgreens.

Badges for adults and kiddies went to the printer today and are now ready to be laminated; phoenixalpha is going to pick those up in the morning and Tuesday night we'll have a big ol' lamination party. Whatever doesn't get done Tuesday night will probably be finished on Thursday afternoon/evening: dealer badges, staff badges, and sponsor/guest badges, on which Maria is finishing the color work. Meanwhile, I'm playing phone tag with the furniture rental people who'll be supplying dividers for the Lounge and shelving for Operations, and one of our trucks has sloped off to Edina and will have to be picked up from there. Bother. Last but not least, my fiendish plans for having the staff/guest mixer catered are also on hold, since the place I want to do the catering is closed Monday.
Tags: medical stuff, the bush of fandom
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