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One more for the road

Well, one last staff meeting today before things kick off on Thursday. A couple of minor things have gone wrong but are being fixed or will be fixed by Thursday, so I'm okay with that; everything else is in the pipeline and ready to roll. I still have to make a couple of calls tomorrow about having things printed up, dividers and shelves brought in, and catering laid on for the staff & guest mixer on Thursday night, to say nothing of a couple hotel-related issues, but none of it is critical failure-type stuff.

Oddly, though I only got six hours' sleep last night, I woke up about 9 AM and was wide awake even before I got to the hotel for the Board meeting and sucked down all that coffee. Unfortunately, all the coffee has worn off and I am very tired...think I might leave the little bit of schoolwork and housework for tomorrow and Tuesday and just go to bed early tonight.