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Serving as a warning to others...

...or, "OMG, that's not sweat!"

I suppose I'm getting what I deserve for slacking off and not using the pressure cuffs or the stockings consistently these last few weeks. While there is some perverted satisfaction in knowing that I've become somewhat Lovecraftian in my middle age (are YOUR appendages squamous and rugose? Huh? Are they, punk?) having to put up with a leg that is oozing lymph fluids is just gross and hazardous to my health, when you get right down to it. Thus it was that I wound up making an impromptu bus trip to the clinic and seeing Dr. S this morning, the result of which was a stern admonition to hit the cuffs and start taking some antibiotics and Lasix, since the strain of trying to get the excess fluids out of my legs has pushed my blood pressure up to 154/94, which isn't good. I'm going back on Monday for a follow-up.

Not much else going on - it's a slow day at work, and I have to say I'm not really feeling up to helping thaadd get Omaha moved in. I may just go home and go to bed after doing some time in the pressure cuffs.
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