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Meeting went fairly well today - everyone's pretty pumped over the massive pre-reg numbers, just about everything has been ordered/sent to the printers/shown up already, and there are just a few details left to nail down on the hotel side before we take this show on the road a week from Friday. Everyone thinks we're a lock to hit our cap of 2500, what with the ~1430 already signed up, but we'll see what happens. I will say that if for some reason you haven't preregistered yet, you better get your butt down there as early as you can on Friday with your fifty bucks in hand.

Decided against dealing with my fellow tenants and instead headed over to the Washouse at 90th & Penn. Got the laundry done in about 90 minutes...don't think it cost me that much more than the $6 I would have spent here on three loads, and the convenience of not having to scurry up and down stairs was worth it all by itself. After that I picked up some stuff at Wal-mart, including a replacement for the lost Johnny Cash CD, dropped that at home, and then headed over to Scott & Melody's place for dinner - steak tacos with refried beans, and very good they were, too. Sat around and talked about stuff, not all of it AD-related, until about 1030 and then headed home, for tomorrow there is work and class afterwards. Yay.
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