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Respecting the fish

Okay, so having the Oat Squares for breakfast may have satisfied my tastebuds and the requirement to abstain from meat, but it did the blood sugar no good. Normally I don't eat cereal for breakfast ever, unless I'm on vacation someplace and that's what the hotel is dishing out for free, but I figured it would be a nice change of pace for Lent. As it was, not only did it jack my glucose up almost into the red (not that it had too far to go after last night's mild gluttony) but by 11 I was pretty damn hungry.

So I decided to try out Tensuke Sushi, which replaced the Jamba Juice joint in the Baker Block. OMG...it was great sushi, and reasonably priced to boot (Rainbow rolls for $7 and California rolls for $4.50? Hell yeah!) but I shouldn't have gone there when I was as hungry as I was. I left with the aforementioned rolls, a Sushi Deluxe box with eight different nigiri and half a cucumber roll ($8.95), a tuna roll and a salmon roll. Total bill $28.80 including tax. Yes, I am a pig when it comes to sushi, as anyone who has seen me at the Ichiban can tell you.

In news not related to the Seven Deadly Sins, I'll be getting to class an hour late tonight. Can't be helped, since the earliest I can get out of here is 5 PM and class starts at 4:30....it's over by 8:30, after which I'll go home and wait for revolutionaryjo to drop by and get the massive quantity of AMVs that came in last week, and then it'll be off to bed since class resumes in the morning.
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