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No way. I haven't played tennis for almost 20 years!

So, the beloved Doctor S, she says the arm pain of the Chief Wombat is the much-feared tennis elbow. Therefore the CW must wear the goofy Gel Band thingy, eat hugely of the restorative ibuprofen, and make less use of the right arm. This of course makes the Chief Wombat very sad, for it is of course the right arm on which he relies for the clicking of the trackball, the tapping of the touchpad, and the smiting of the uppity Zulus in the Civicrack. In fact, as the CW has remarked to his friend the chebutykin at her LJ, it is no doubt the Civicrack and the Detour of the Anime that has made the elbow tendon so sore and unhappy.

How can the Anime Detour cause its Chief Burrowing Marsupial such pain? you ask. Is it not the occasion of happiness and celebration of the otaku? Is it not the massive gathering of the otaku, whose company the Chief Wombat enjoys so much? Yes, it is all those things and more, and yet organizing such a thing requires much handwaving and flaming though the e-mails, and on the average day the CW must shovel dozens of e-mails (sent by those otaku to his department heads) into the folders of the inbox or the trash bin. Worse yet, he must supply the answers to the department heads who have the questions, and all of this requires much pounding of the keyboard and the tapping of the touchpad, both of which aggravate the elbow tendon.

So it is that the CW will leave his department heads to their own devices for a week or so until the tendon heals, perhaps occasionally offering the advice through the cell phone, the staff meeting, and the other occasional meeting. Perhaps the Chief Wombat will also rediscover the joys of using the Cowzilla for something besides playing games, perhaps the viewing of Angelic Layer or Cardcaptor Sakura but under no circumstances the Eiken. Eeeeuuuwww.
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