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Caught in the gears again

Well, they lived down to my expectations. After redmartel woke me up this morning, I staggered out to the Deskpro and looked at the checking account online. Sure enough, no student loan. Bastards. My fscking rent is due. Well, nothing I can do about it for now but gnash my teeth, think dark thoughts, whine to my LJ and make a note to call the college on Monday to ask them WTF is going on. I would cheerfully drive down to Winona to take care of this if it were something I'd screwed up, but I did everything by the numbers.

I didn't actually get much cleaning done last night, but at least I took good care of my feet, which I've been slacking off on lately. One of the things I picked up at Walmart this week was some Nexcare Foot Care Cream, and this stuff is just the bomb. If they sold it by the gallon I would happily soak my feet in the stuff, it's that good. Even the sore spot on my right ankle and the hideously dry soles are responding to it.

Well, I have a few hours until redmartel arrives to pick up registration stuff. Time to do some actual cleaning, eat something resembling brunch, and generally avoid lounging around the computer.